To become a Podiatrist, one must complete a bachelor of science degree at podiatric medical school attending classes much like a dentist and completing more than a thousand clinic hours. .After this point registration is required by the Registration Council under the Ministry of Health. Our podiatrist Christiana Kallona has been qualified in the United Kingdom at the University of Southampton in 2013 and is registered with the governing body of podiatry, the Health Care Professions Council and the Society of Chiropodist & Podiatrists in the UK. After working in the UK she is now in Paphos and also registered with the Cyprus Society of Registered Podiatrists.
No matter what your age or foot problem, your podiatrist is the professional to turn to for prompt, effective care. Your feet are the bottom line for your health and well-being. So, see your podiatrist for symptoms relief or corrective treatment at the first sign of foot trouble.
Any time you experience sore feet or pain, you should consider seeing a podiatrist.
It’s most likely fungus or improper footwear, but please make an appointment for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.
Hammertoes or inflamed joints could cause these symptoms. Schedule an office visit to find out what it is, and how to best treat it.
You may have athlete’s feet or dermatitis. You would have to be seen to properly diagnose your condition and learn about treatment options.
An ankle sprain is most likely the cause, but we should x-ray the ankle to rule out a fracture. You should be seen right away.
It may be a bunion, but for proper diagnosis and to learn about different treatment options, please make an appointment.
You may have a stress fracture. We would need to examine and x-ray the foot, if the fracture shows up on the x-ray we can determine treatment options. Depending upon the type of fracture, it may be possible to treat with conservative methods. If not, surgery may be required.
It may be an ingrown toenail. If so, the nail may need to be surgically removed, which can be done in the office. Schedule an appointment to get relief right away.
Your discomfort may be due to flat feet. Come in for an exam so we can determine the best plan of treatment, which may include anti-inflammatory medications or orthotics. In some cases surgical intervention may be required.
Yes. It is probably an infection, you need immediate care. Come in for an evaluation as soon as possible.


We deal with foot and leg related problems. We meet with you to determine the nature of your problem and design a remedy and maintenance program for you. This may include a once only visit, treatment program, personalised fitting for orthotics or special shoe wear, a specially designed exercise program, liaison with your doctor for specialist referrals or specialised treatments.

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